Email Marketing Part 1 – What Is Email Marketing?

What exactly is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing - What Is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a form of Direct Response Marketing. Direct Response Marketing isn’t like Brand Marketing, which is what many people are familiar with. Brand Marketing is what we see on our TVs and what we hear on our radios.

Though Direct Response Marketing is not quite as common, it’s a lot more effective. This is especially true for the home business entrepreneur. Unlike large companies like McDonald’s, we can’t afford to spend billions of dollars to build a brand. Direct Response Marketing allows you to actually find your target market and have them identify themselves. In this way, you can build quite a substantial income.

In Direct Response Marketing, you use some sort of ad to encourage an action. The desired outcome is always to get an action. You want someone to put up their hand and say, “Hey, I’m interested in what you’re offering.”

For example, if you’ve ever seen a Direct Response, full-page ad in a magazine, you would know it. It has a headline, a lot of copy, and at the end of the advertisement, there’s a call to action. It would say something like, “If you’re interested, call this number.” That’s an example of a Direct Response Marketing ad.

If you’ve ever seen those late-night Infomercials, they are also examples of Direct Response Marketing. You’ll notice that at the end of all of those paid advertisements, which sometimes go from about 15 minutes to a half-hour or more, there is a call to action. You will see something like, “If you want to get this product at this price, call this number before we sell out!” That’s Direct Response Marketing.

What we’re doing here is exactly the same thing. We’re generating leads by creating a simple one-page web site that we’re going to call an Opt-In Page. In a moment, I will talk about how we will send traffic to that page, where anyone who is interested will enter their name and email address. By doing this, the prospect is identifying themselves (or self-identifying) as being interested in what we offer.

Once we have their email address, we can follow up with them through email and recommend products that they might be interested in. We can also build a relationship. Some of the people that join your list can stay on your list for many years and continue to buy from you.

It’s about building a list of targeted prospects, or people that are already interested in what we’re offering. Most importantly, building a relationship with these people so they like, know and trust you in giving them exactly what they want, through the medium of email.

If you’re wondering just how much money there is on the table here, let me give you a quick example. Many have ordered the “Get Traffic” course. It’s a course called Get Traffic 3.0 by a guy named Jonathan Budd. The course teaches people how to set up Facebook pay-per-click ads. This course was only offered for one week.

What you can see below are the results of an Affiliate competition featuring this product. The guy that came in first place was Mike Dillard and his partner Tim Erway. In under 7 days, they made $81,364.99, plus a bonus $5,000 and another bonus of $10,000 (as shown below). In total, they made more than $96,000 in just one week.


Advantages of Email Marketing

Email Marketing - What Is Email Marketing?Ok, now let’s talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages of Email Marketing. The number one advantage is that it’s very cheap. It doesn’t cost you anything to send out an email. You can send out as many emails as you want from your Email Auto-Responder account and you don’t have to pay for it. All you need to pay for is the monthly subscription to your Email Auto-Responder service. That’s it. It’s instantaneous.

In the old days of Direct Response Marketing, where it was mostly done through mail, they would send out an advertisement, or a sales page. They would send it out in the mail, wait for orders and wouldn’t really know whether it worked or not until a few weeks later. If it didn’t work, and if they didn’t make profit, they would make changes. They would make changes to the ad copy, change the headline, tweak it and then do it again. The whole process would take weeks and maybe months.

With Email Marketing, you can send an email to your list right away, and literally, within 24 hours, you’ll know what your Open Rate was, or how many people actually opened the email. You’ll know how many people actually bought what you recommended, and how much money you made. You can know all of these things through key metrics within just days. Most of the responses will likely come within 24 hours. It’s very easy to measure and very accurate.

The other bonus is that you can put the whole sales process on auto-pilot. If you have a product that you’re promoting and once you get an email lead, you can follow up with the lead through an automated follow-up sequence.

For example, you can write 20 emails, load them into your Email Auto-Responder and have them sent out every day, every two days or whatever you specify. It’s all on auto-pilot. You can go take a vacation or a holiday and your Email Auto-Responder will continue to follow up with your prospects and make sales for you.


Disadvantages of Email Marketing

Email Marketing - What Is Email Marketing?

The main disadvantage is that Email Marketing is becoming a little less responsive than it used to be. The main reason is that these days, most of us are getting more and more emails. Personally, I am getting well over 100 emails per day and I probably only open about 20% of them.

That’s fairly typical. Most people are getting over 50 emails per day, so they’re not going to open a lot of them. For example, if you send an email out to your list, you should expect an open rate of anywhere between 20% and 30%. When I say Open Rate, I mean the number of people that actually click on, and read, your email when they see it in their inbox. In other words, up to 80% of people on your list aren’t even going to read your email. Those are typical numbers in this business.

Another disadvantage is that not all of the messages you send out are going to get delivered. That’s especially true if you’re using certain words. Certain words will trigger spam filters in the email inboxes of your leads. Words like “free”, “limited time only” are such words. You have to be careful about which words you use in your email copy, but we will cover that in a later module.

Having said all of that, Email Marketing is still the #1 source of income for all of the highest-paid Internet Marketers. For all of the Internet Marketing gurus, the seven and eight-figure earners, their #1 source of income is, and will always be, Email Marketing.

These days, you must have a list if you want to make money online. It is a “must have”.
If you want to learn more about Email Marketing and how to do it properly, I encourage you to take the next step and watch free webinar here:
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Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing

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